Commissioner Hopkinson remarks at CVS Presser 9/14/2021

Sept. 14, 2021. Dr. Natalie Hopkinson as the artist Kaliq Crosby puts finishing touches on a new Go-Go City mural in the parking lot of the CVS on Florida Avenue where the Don’t Mute DC movement was launched

I delivered the following remarks today at a press conference at the Go-Go City Mural Unveiling at the corner of Georgia and Florida Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.

I’m Natalie Hopkinson. I’m Associate Professor at Howard University in the Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies. This is such a happy day. We are one step closer to making sure people remember forever why this corner is the most magical and sacred corner in DC.

Add to the list of wins of Don’t Mute DC is that I now serve on the District of…


No one living today created white supremacy, but today’s public officials must be held accountable for separate-and-unequal arts policies that tilt the scales in favor of the rich, white and powerful, while mostly locking out the Black and marginalized.

Dr. Natalie Hopkinson and son Maverick on the day of testimony as a nominee for the District of Columbia Arts and Humanities Commission in January 2020.

I was hoping that with the outcome of the most recent national elections, that the paradigm of powerful white male politicians singling out Black women in civic life for public disrespect, condescension, and contempt, was behind us.

Not so. In his recent comments to the press and in recent legislation concerning the District of Columbia Arts and…


After a year of so much loss, I am thinking more and more about the short time we have on this earth, and the messages we are sending to the future.

Grounded. Travel this year was mostly limited to moving my office to different rooms in my house as I toggled between teaching, writing and working with artists and activists pushing for change.

This year I said goodbye to Allison Ranelle Brown, a pioneering education civil rights lawyer who has been my best friend since 1988. I posted a quick tribute to her on Facebook, but there will be many more celebrations of her life to come in 2021 from her wide circle of advocates and friends — the “A.B. Hive” as we call them.

Allison loved Black…

Build Banneker in Shaw as a Living Monument to Black Excellence

Benjamin Banneker.

May 10, 2019

From: John Settles Jr., Natalie Hopkinson, and Lee Granados

Parents, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

To: Members of the Washington, D.C. City Council

Re: Build Banneker — A Monument to Black Excellence

Dear D.C. Council Members,

We respectfully ask that you to vote Tuesday to fund Mayor Muriel Bowser’s plan to build Benjamin Banneker Academic High School at the site of the long-vacant Shaw Middle School.

As DC residents, we share the concerns raised by our neighbors in Shaw about the history of carnage against our…

Natalie Hopkinson

A writer and scholar living in DC.

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