• Charrosé


    BΔK | Professional Nerd | Creative Black Woman

  • Lindsey Jones-Renaud

    Lindsey Jones-Renaud

    Solopreneur, feminist facilitator and advocate, and mom writing about gender justice.

  • Ron P. Muriera

    Ron P. Muriera

    SFBoy; arts & culture consultant; FilAm historian; advocate for children & youth; performing artist; board prez of CA for the Arts. Tweets are my own.

  • Jaime Fearer

    Jaime Fearer

    Planner :: Advocate :: Connector | mama | #HealthEquity #MobilityEquity | AICP+LCI | #DCStatehood | always learning | thoughts+typoos=my own | she/her חי 🖖🏼

  • Serena Hopkinson

    Serena Hopkinson

  • Peta-Ann Webster McCall

    Peta-Ann Webster McCall

  • Genevieve Fugere

    Genevieve Fugere

  • Exmond Einstein

    Exmond Einstein

    I am intensely curious about consciousness, cognition, and human behavior. I consult on leadership using advances in contextual behavioral sciences.

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