I LOVE YOU DC!!! Lessons in “soft”power in the battle for racial equity

Dr. Natalie Hopkinson and former First Lady Cora Masters Barry at the “Don’t Mute Black Women” musical rally on U Street on 11/2, in advance of the 11/3 emergency vote on our arts commission nominations. They blew up my and Dr. Lea’s arts redlining map and posted it to the side of a go-go truck. We got to be serenaded by some of my favorite DC artists, including J’Ta Freeman, Jus Paul and Shorty Corleone. Thank you to those African drums. We prevailed with a 12–1 vote.
CAH Staff produced these maps for journalists who wanted to see the numbers without the demographic and other context that Dr. Lea’s and my maps provided. Here is CAH Funding FY 2020.
And here is is CAH funding FY 2021. Still favoring the whitest wards.
Finally, here are the CAH funding numbers for 2022. There is a lot of work to do. But Mrs. Barry’s Art Equity Task Force delivered 44 recommendations for the agency to tackle. I know there are many more great ideas out there for how to make this map more equitable. I hope this clear vote by the Council of DC inspires people to share them without fear of reprisal or retaliation.




A writer and scholar living in DC. www.nataliehopkinson.com

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Natalie Hopkinson

Natalie Hopkinson

A writer and scholar living in DC. www.nataliehopkinson.com

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